Saving Castles: A Bastion of Castle and Chateau Conservation

We recognize that a castle’s grandeur is only as strong as the foundation it rests upon.

We’re saving castles and chateaus one project at a time, and we hope that by building a global community many people can help us do our job!

We all will be saving history as Guardians of the Saving Castle Foundation. When you become involved in the preservation and protection of these historic buildings, it’s more than just your support that saves them – their transformation will impact all who visit!

We hope that the Savings Castles Foundation will bring life back into history by giving our contributors, partners and visitors firsthand experiences with historic castles, chateaus, manors, events, artifacts, and more!

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The Saving Castles Foundation

As a non-profit independent from government, we have the freedom to pursue what works best for us and our mission. We have identified three key priorities that drive our efforts:

Inspiration, Conservation, and Financial Involvement.

Our goal is to create an inspiring member experience that brings the story of Europe’s rich history to life. We carefully select historic buildings and sites in need of expert care, so that they may be enjoyed by future generations. By working with heritage experts and partnering with local organizations around the world who share our passion for preserving history, we aim to give back what was once taken and never forget our roots.

Through Inspiration, we strive to ignite a fire within our members and bring the rich history of Europe to life. Through Conservation, we ensure that these iconic structures are protected and preserved for generations to come. And through Financial Involvement, we empower our members to make a tangible impact on the preservation of these historic treasures.

Join us on this journey to safeguard our cultural heritage and create a legacy of historical preservation for future generations to admire.





15 hours ago

Saving Castles
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