St Ulrich Castle in Alsace

Discover the Beautiful Medieval Castles of Alsace

The Alsatian chateaux are an architectural and cultural marvel that can be accessed by a 450 km hiking trail. All you need is your energy, some water, and all the time in the world! Discover Alsace, France where wine flows like water and half-timbered houses line the streets. This region located on a hilly territory […]

Visit 9 Impressive Castles in Wales

Wales is one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it still has its own rich history and culture. There are castles all over Wales that date back centuries ago- 400 to be exact! Castles can be found by you if they’re on your radar screen while travelling through this fascinating country. The density (400) […]

Ashford Castle Review

9.5 Saving Castles Rating  Ashford Castle is one of the most grand and successful hotels in Europe, boasting a peerless Lough Corrib setting with centuries-old charm. With extensive renovations to make it modern enough for today’s traveler, you can experience luxury like never before here at this exquisite destination. Ashford Castle has long been known […]

Go on a Tower of London tour

Visiting The Tower Of London

The site of political scheming, bloody beheadings, and the home of the Crown Jewels, the Tower of London is a terrific place to spend a fascinating – and slightly eerie – day. Enjoy one of London’s most iconic sites with Tower of London tickets, and cross a world-famous landmark off your cultural bucket list. There’s […]

How to buy a French Chateau

Owning a French castle – From a Dream To Reality

The castles of France are unlike any other. They range from fancy, to small and simple; but they all have one thing in common: every castle has a story behind it that makes it so special! Some people dream since they were kids about owning their own personal French castle with cobblestone streets leading up […]

Learn about a French Chateau restoration

Inside a French Château During a Painstaking Restoration

Contemporary art dealer Pierre-Alain Challier fell in love with a romantic castle as a boy and finally fulfilled his dream of one day ruling the roost. When asking children what they would like to be when they grow up, the answers are often about being a firefighter, a movie star, or living in a castle. […]

Dominic West UK Castle Home

Inside Dominic West’s Castle Home

In this episode of ‘Open Door,’ Dominic West takes us on a tour of Glin Castle, the Irish ancestral home of his wife Catherine FitzGerald’s family. The castle maintains its various period aesthetics, but with all the accoutrement of modern life. From the 10,000 year old Irish elk skull and antlers to the resident spirits […]

Arundel Castle reopens to visitors as restrictions ease

ARUNDEL Castle has welcomed visitors back through its historic gates amid the easing of lockdown restrictions. The building, which had remained closed over winter to carry out essential restoration work, reopened its doors today for the first time this year. Dating back to the 11th century, many of the castle’s original features, including the Norman […]

Culdees Castle Estate Now Undergoing Renovations

A RUINED castle that was left in a state of disrepair for over 50 years is undergoing renovations that will transform it into a new luxury venue, giving future guests the chance to holiday, wine and dine.   Culdees Castle Estate, designed and built in 1810 for Charles Drummond, whose clan was rewarded for fighting with Robert the Bruce, has not been lived in since […]

This Chateau Has 10,000 Owners

La Mothe-Chandeniers is a romantic French château straight out of a storybook. Dating back to the 13th century, it now lies abandoned — and its turrets and towers have begun to crumble. But the chateau has seen an unexpected change of fortune — more than 10,000 people around the world have clubbed together to save […]


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