Saving Castles Guardian Matching Fund

Are you tired of seeing Europe’s majestic castles crumble before your very eyes? Do you ache at the thought of centuries of history being lost to time? Well, now is your chance to make a real difference. Your support could be the difference between saving a castle or watching it crumble to dust.

At, we are on a mission to restore and conserve architectural wonders that have withstood the test of time. We are calling on you to join our cause, to stand with us and be a part of something truly remarkable. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a real difference to the preservation and enjoyment of our architectural heritage.

From donating your time and skills as an architect to supporting our projects with your Visa/MC, PayPal, or even cryptocurrency, there are many ways to get involved. Even spreading the word about our cause on social media can make a huge impact.

And don’t forget, the more you contribute, the more wonderful Saving Castles gifts we get to send you in appreciation. Plus, every donation you make until December 2023 will be matched by Saving Castles, doubling the impact of your generosity.

Join us in our quest to save Europe’s castles and preserve history for future generations. Your support is not just a call to action, it is a call to preserve the very essence of our past.


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Contribute to our Saving Castles Guardian Matching Fund. When you contribute we match your donation. Thank you!