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Your support can make a real difference to the preservation and enjoyment of our architectural heritage. Our current appeals have already motivated many people, including you it seems! We hope that will continue with your contribution as well. The appeal from the Saving Castles Foundation is a call to action.

So far, many have been moved by this cause and contributed their time or money so that we can preserve these old castles across Britain and Europe. A few ways you could help are volunteering your skills as an architect for our projects, contributing directly through Visa/MC or PayPal with any amount of your choosing (we even take payments in cryptocurrency!), and spreading awareness via social media about what needs to be saved!

Don’t forget the more you contribute the more wonderful Saving Castles gifts we get to send you in appreciation.

Your Support can make a real difference to the preservation and enjoyment  of our architectural heritage.

Note: Saving Castles will match all donations through December 2022.