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The castles of Europe are unlike any other. They range from fancy, to small and simple; but they all have one thing in common: every castle has a story behind it that makes it so special!

Some people dream since they were kids about owning their own personal castle or chateau with cobblestone streets leading up to the gates. For others, inheriting property is just an expectation-a family tradition passed down through generations for centuries. And then there’s those who contribute to projects for these majestic structures because of the beauty or history within them, no matter how old or new…all kinds come together under the banner of “Saving Castles.”

Really excited to work with this team on our Manor restoration. We have received lots of expert guidance and loads of valuable assistance so far. 

John M.

Thanks for the opportunity to become a part of one of your projects. We love being a part of the community and can’t wait to visit in person on our next trip. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Susan W.

We have been planning our dream castle adventure for many years. Being a part of the Saving Castles online community has been invaluable. Thank you. 

Edward B.

Saving Castles crowdfunds Castle and Chateau restoration projects that everyone can be part of.

Have you ever wanted to contribute to something that could make a difference? This is your chance! By joining our Saving Castles global community, you can get hands-on an actual ongoing project as a volunteer. Or be a donor and adopt an endangered castle.

Our projects are reviewed by experts then chosen because they deserve and need more public attention. If you want to get involved there are lots of different ways to join in!

Project Guardians and Defenders

Guardians are key supporters that often have the opportunity to become intimately involved with restoring their chosen castle. This is a hugely important role, which enables these monuments of history to stay standing for future generations and visitors alike! Guardians play an integral part in saving Castles from destruction or deterioration by funding necessary repairs that can’t be done on our own as volunteers. We have several contribution levels and all include some wonderful gifts from our online shop in appreciation. You can check out the details of each level at Contribution Levels.

Saving Castles Guardian Matching Fund

We’re saving castles one project at a time, and you can help us do our job!

This is our general fund and quite popular if you want your contribution to be spread out among several urgent projects.

As an ardent supporter of Saving Castle’s mission to save historic buildings around the world from demolition or decay, we’ll match 50% of your contribution up $1,000 USD – that means for every dollar you give today in support of this matching campaign (ending December 30, 2022), 50 cents will be added to the total contribution. You won’t regret getting involved with such an amazing cause- after all who doesn’t want more architectural history preserved?

Click “Current Projects” for more details.

Contribute to a Project

Join us in our efforts to save majestic castles and chateaus from ruin and decay! With your generous contribution, you can help breathe new life into these magnificent structures and keep their stories alive for generations to come.

Explore our Saving Castle projects and choose the one that speaks to your heart. Projects change over time, if you would like to become a Castle Guardian the easiest way is to simply choose our Saving Castles Matching Fund. 

Let’s work together to restore these breathtaking landmarks and create a legacy that will stand the test of time!

Join us on Patreon

As a Saving Castles Patreon member, you’ll become a key supporter of our mission to save castles and chateaus from decay and disrepair. Your membership directly contributes to our restoration efforts.

You’ll be granted VIP access to our restoration projects, with virtual tours, online courses and interviews with our restoration team. You’ll also be the first to see sneak peeks of our latest restorations.

Join our waitlist today and experience the satisfaction of being a part of something greater – a movement to preserve history and protect these architectural wonders. 

Watch on Youtube

Not everyone can join us on location, but you can still be involved. Become an online supporter for one of our crowdfunded projects and we’ll beam updates and highlights of the project straight to your device! With videos, livestreams and more.

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