Join us as we delve into history. From the legends and myths that surround castles to the famous figures who have lived within their walls, we’ll take you on a journey through time to discover these fascinating stories!

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Ep. 9 – The Great Siege of 1216: Dover
Castle’s Defiant Stand Against Invaders

Ep. 6 – The Art of Restoring a French Chateau: A Masterclass in Historical Preservation

Ep. 5 – Camelot Chronicles: The Enigmatic Essence of King Arthur’s Elysium

Ep. 4 – Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Queen Who Defied Convention and Shaped Medieval Europe

Ep. 3 – Catherine of Aragon: The Queen Who Refused To Be Cast Aside

Ep. 2 – Exploring the World of French Chateaus: History, Features, and Stories

Ep. 1 – Uncovering Scotland’s Top 10 Castles

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