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Saving Castles Greeting Cards (5-Pack)


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In the heart of the medieval kingdom, amidst the towering castles and the enchanting chateaux, there existed a tradition—a tradition of sending messages that transcended time itself. It was in these magical moments, where quills met parchment, that the tale of Saving Castles began.

The Saving Castles Greeting Cards, a 5-pack of wonders, are more than mere cards; they are portals to a world where history meets art. Crafted with meticulous care, these cards invite you to steal the show, to become the maestro of your own medieval story.

Each card, measuring 4.25″ by 5.5″, is a canvas of creativity, where intricate designs weave tales of grandeur. They arrive with matching envelopes, a knight’s loyal steed, ready to deliver your missive to friends and loved ones.

Made from high-quality uncoated paper, these cards promise a touch of elegance and authenticity. They are not just blank canvases; they are whispers of history and dreams of castles and chateaux.

But here’s the true magic—these cards can take on multiple designs. With printing options available both on the outside and inside, they become storytellers, narrating the grandeur of the past and the dreams of the future.

For those who cherish medieval history, castle enthusiasts, and chateau aficionados, these cards are a testament to your love. Each purchase supports Saving Castles projects, ensuring that the legacy of these architectural marvels lives on.

So, with each card you send, you’re not just sharing a message; you’re sharing a piece of history, a piece of art, and a piece of your heart. It’s time to let your words become legends with Saving Castles Greeting Cards.


.: Material: 271gsm uncoated paper
.: One size: 4.25″ x 5.5” (10.8 x 13.9 cm)
.: Each card can be customized with a specific design
.: Matching white envelopes included


4.25″ x 5.5″ (Vertical)
Width, in 4.25
Height, in 5.50


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