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Dive into the world of medieval allure with our versatile and robust tote bag, available in not one, not two, but three regal sizes! Whether you’re strolling along the sun-kissed sands or conquering the bustling streets of town, this tote bag marries comfort with a statement-making style that’s fit for knights and queens alike.

Crafted from the finest 100% Polyester, this tote bag boasts strength and resilience worthy of a medieval fortress. Its boxed corners are as sturdy as the stone foundations of a castle, ensuring your treasures remain safe and secure. Black inner stitching and transparent thread on hems are like the secret passages in a chateau, hidden yet essential. And with black cotton handles, it’s a knight’s trusty steed, ready to carry your burdens with grace and ease.

But here’s the true gem – the non-woven laminate inside. It’s like the treasure vault of a medieval castle, safeguarding your belongings from the elements and ensuring they emerge unscathed.

Calling all seekers of medieval history, castle enthusiasts, and chateau aficionados! This tote bag is not just a bag; it’s a portal to the past. It’s your loyal squire, ever ready to serve you on your noble quests.

Unearth your passion for history, claim your Heritage Tote Bag, and make a statement that transcends time itself. Whether you’re carrying scrolls of knowledge or treasures of the heart, do it in style.


.: 100% Polyester
.: Boxed corners
.: Black inner stitching, transparent thread on hems.
.: Black cotton handles


Small Medium Large
Height, in 13.00 16.00 18.00
Length, in 12.00 15.00 17.00
Width, in 3.46 3.46 3.46
Handle height, in 14.00 14.00 14.00
Handle width, in 1.00 1.00 1.00


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