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What is Saving Castles?

Saving Castles is a revolutionary platform that empowers collective funding for foundations, associations, individuals or government agencies who need help in financing their projects. Saving Castles connects directly with project holders to engage them collaboratively and financially on preserving European heritage.

With Saving Castles you can easily find other project holders willing to contribute funds all while connecting with like-minded people in the process.

The Saving Castles team has been working for years to preserve our cultural heritage. With the help of crowdfunding, they can work with project developers and patrons so that these projects get off the ground. They take care of all financial exchanges in order to ensure success for all parties involved!

The people at Saving Castles want you to be a part of preserving your culture’s history through their platform which helps promote successful transactions between fundraisers and donors or borrowers/investors who are interested in supporting them financially.

What is crowdfunding and how does it work?

Crowdfunding is a financing tool, which permits the general public to collectively raise funds in order to support a specific project or venture. This alternative method of funding has attracted millions of patrons and millions of dollars of investments.

What type of projects do we get involved with?

Saving Castles has an established goal of highlighting projects in which the public can actively participate in European cultural heritage. You are a part-owner, not just beholden to passively witnessing change happen around you! Saving Castles offers opportunities for people like yourself to become involved and contribute financially or through time spent volunteering on one of our many exciting initiatives. Perhaps you would be interested?

Whether it be a project near and dear to your heart or one for history’s sake, Saving Castles wants to help make these dreams come true!

How can I finance a project?

You can support Saving Castles by clicking on the project you’re interested in, and choosing whichever contribution suits your needs.

You’ll find all sorts of projects with an emphasis on European cultural heritage when browsing through the site at!

How can contribute to the success of a project?

You’ve just contributed to a project, talk about it around you! Promote this project to your friends and family. Share updates on social media channels that get the most traction for outreach purposes so people can be in-the-know about what’s happening with our community projects.

What happens if a project does not meet it's funding goal?

If the project hasn’t obtained all of its desired funds, we’ll reimburse you to your electronic wallet. You then have a choice between reimbursing yourself through your bank account or financing another new project!

What happens if a project is canceled?

If a project is canceled, we’ll make sure to reimburse every contributor as promised within 15-30 days. That way you can either start something new or get the money back in cash!

Are there tax deductions?

When the donation can benefit from a tax deduction, we will make you aware of it on our individual project pages.

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