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Introducing the ultimate medieval history enthusiast’s companion: our rugged and resilient spun polyester backpack! Crafted with unwavering commitment to durability and versatility, this backpack is a game-changer.


Weighing in at a mere 1.3 lbs, it’s the feather-light heavyweight you’ve been waiting for. It’s as light as the whisper of a knight’s armor, yet as strong and steadfast as the walls of a castle. It’s designed to stand the test of time, just like your passion for history.


Ready for action at a moment’s notice, this backpack is your loyal sidekick. Grab it for your spontaneous adventures, stow it away with ease, or toss it onto the seat beside you; this backpack takes it all in stride. It’s not just tough; it’s heritage-grade tough.


As you traverse the realms of medieval history and embark on quests to castles and chateaus, this backpack is your badge of honor. It’s not merely a bag; it’s your portal to the past, a treasure chest for your relics of fascination. Wherever your historical journey leads, this backpack stands ready, a testament to your enduring love for the ages. So, seize it, treasure it, and venture forth with your heritage held close!


.: 100% polyester
.: Lightweight and waterproof
.: Adjustable shoulder straps
.: Blank name tag sewn inside

  One size
Length, in 11.81
Width, in 5.12
Height , in 18.11


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