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Ashford Castle is one of the most grand and successful hotels in Europe, boasting a peerless Lough Corrib setting with centuries-old charm. With extensive renovations to make it modern enough for today’s traveler, you can experience luxury like never before here at this exquisite destination.

Ashford Castle has long been known as one of Ireland’s best hotels due to its historic charms blended with necessary modern amenities that ensure guests are comfortable during their stay – but now there is more than meets the eye when considering what makes Ashford such an exemplary place! Extensively renovated in recent years from top to bottom (with plans still underway), staying at Ireland’s foremost castle hotel will not only give travelers access to all sorts of amazing experiences set.


On the shore of Lough Corrib and with a scattering of forested islands providing an ethereal backdrop for leisurely strolls, Ashford Castle is immersed in remarkable beauty – when the weather holds. Nearby lies rural Cong village setting (as everyone will tell you) as being one portrayed by The Quiet Man film which was filmed nearby back in 1952). Visitors are also on doorstep to picturesque Connemara region where there’s plenty more scenic wonders awaiting discovery from all walks of life!


As the recession left Ashford Castle in a state of disrepair, it was bought by Red Carnation Hotels and painstakingly restored. The castle showcases Irish craftsmanship with its gleaming Connemara marble bar counter or glittering chandeliers made from Waterford crystal. A range of antiques are showcased that showcase Ireland’s history like artworks and jewelry collections.


The Castle Hotel is an undeniably beautiful setting for a stay. However, it also has many thoughtful features that make guests feel welcome and cared-for like the dedicated staff who are proud to be at this hotel with what seems to be Ireland’s best facilities on offer. With rooms in every budget classification from five star luxury suites with all of life’s amenities such as Jacuzzi tubs or stately four poster beds down to more modest but still refined accommodations there will surely be something perfect for everyone here. There’s even a cinema, billiard room and children game area right inside the castle walls so you can enjoy your time away ‘home’ while being immersed in Irish culture!


The hotel’s 82 bedrooms and suites vary wildly in style. Some are beautifully detailed while others may be too boldly colored or frenetically decorated for some guests who prefer a soothing space to relax before sleeping, but all of them offer beautiful fragrant toiletries from Irish brand Voya with power sockets by the bed and USB ports on each nightstand so you can charge your phone anytime without having to unplug anything first!

Food & Drinks:

The food more than made up for the lack of décor. The a la carte dishes were elegant and plentiful, while the buffet was abundant with freshly baked ham as well as rock scones only available in Ireland. Traditional afternoon tea offered lake views amidst a tranquil atmosphere that is hard to find on such an excitable continent; meanwhile light lunches are served all day long – like French-inflected Irish fare delicately balanced enough not to overwhelm any palette or stomach (and believe me I’ve tried).

Combining elegantly crafted à la carte dishes alongside generous buffets full of delicious freshly baked ham and other distinctly Irish components, Ashford’s hotel breakfast has been among my favorite meals across Europe so far!


The experience at this hotel is worth the price. They offer a free Wi-Fi to guests and their amenities are spectacular, especially considering it was only €335 (£260) per night including breakfast!

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